The 15 most beautiful villages around the world to visit

Each place has their own characteristics and so many people are really encouraged to travel so that they could be exposed to other things and widen their horizons. Those who do not travel much only know the world that they live in but for those who traveled a lot they know that the world is just small as they have seen it in another perspective. There is already a boom of traveling as many young adults choose to travel first and enjoy life before they plan to settle.

That is why many places are now being discovered and being opened as tourists destinations. Economically it is also good as those who are in the locality can have their alternative income as visitors now frequent their area. It is also good as places that are not that appreciated is now being revealed to the world so that its beauty could be known. You can find in the video different villages from around the world that are beautiful. You may have already looked at the pictures and recognized that you know some of them.

They are already circulating on the internet but many have not seen it personally and so when the rise of traveling was in force they are now being visited often and attracts more and more visitors. each of the villages is very beautiful and as if they are calling you to go and visit them. The image above is the one from Khan in Tibet.

The top 10 most spoken languages in India according to numbers

India is the second most populous country in the whole world after the country of China. As it has many populations they also have many languages and dialects that are spoken by the diverse people who have one nationality but has many identities. You can encounter Indians who hate or do not like their fellow Indians in accordance with their language or group. If you have come to read articles or writings on the internet you can see that some do not agree with each other.

That is a situation that you can see that each person have their own situations and so their culture can also be different. Even if they are in the same country but they can also differ in ideas. The ideas and culture they have at the time they were born can also be changed when they grow up. Now then you can see the top ten languages that are mostly spoken in the country of India. It was based on the number of those who speak.

These are the list of the languages but they are not arranged as in the video.  From the rank of five to ten is the language of  Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia. Then the one to four languages is Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi. These are the ten list and there are much of the languages that we cannot list them all here. How diverse is the country of India?

The 10 beautiful places recommended for you to visit in Andhra Pradesh

One of the countries that have its own identity and one nationality but with many practices and even languages from other cities and areas in the country of India. The country of India has its own uniqueness to offer to visitors who wants to explore the country. It is very interesting even if the first impression about the country is not that good and you may expect to see negative things only. That is not the case as you can find treasures of places to visit here.

As you can see that the video presents ten places that you can visit in the state of Andhra Pradesh. India is a large country and has a good number of high population and that is why you can feel inconvenienced and maybe thinking what can you do there. Many people might not be interested that much to visit the place thinking only of the fixed ideas in mind. But as you can see in the video, there are many places that you can visit and you can come to see India for yourself.

If you are interested in the Bollywood movies you can also be here to see what is actually happening and how interesting it is. The Indian nationals have also gone abroad so they could study courses that are not offered in their places at a lower expense and fees. Many young adults find places they can go to study as they also want to be educated.

Visiting India: Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra, Rishikesh, and Varanasi

In this article, you can be able to see the experience of a traveler in the five places that the one who made this video have traveled to. It is not the one you may be expecting but it is a good travel that you can be able to know about the country and the people. Even if it is not the experience in other countries but it is a very nice travel being able to be exposed and to learn and have an understanding.

In the video, the traveler has traveled in Delhi and he has the experience and learning about the advance booking of tickets. You should book your tickets in advance so you would not waste your time. Then he went to other places that include the place of Rajasthan and Agra. Then Rishikesh, and Varanasi. He had the time to visit the rat temple. If you are the person that cannot endure them then you better just look outside or escape it in your travel list.

The rats will really just wander around and they are given milk to drink. They are believed to be re reincarnations and so they were not harmed but protected. A belief that many people who come from other places cannot understand. If you will continue to watch the video you can see his travel to the Thar Desert and until the time that he reached the place that is considered as a holy river, that is the Ganges.

India and social media: The 15 facts you may not know

Now we cannot stop talking about social media as its effect is enormous and many people know what it is. In this world, there is much time spent in the social media around the world. other people learn to use smartphones or laptop or PC when they have their own social media account. That is why social media has undeniably taken over the habits, extra and not an extra time of many people. There was even a social media addiction that affected people in a very negative way.

You can see now the facts about India and the social media effect. What is happening in the country of India in regard to the effect and influence of the world of social media. There are many young adults who are now using the social media and they can have one or more account to use. They come to maintain it so they would know some things under different account and name. There are many things going on and many people do not want to miss a thing.

That is why they continually check their smartphones as often as possible as if expecting that there would be a text message or a call or a message in social media or a next post. It is now a common practice that customers read first the reviews about a certain product before they will buy it even if they will buy in a physical shop and not in the online store.

What is Cowism-Only in India?

Cowism is only found in India. This is a belief that is only Indians have. They believe in cows as sacred god and this is the influence of their Animism that they have as a  belief. This has already been a part of their life. Indians think that a cow has its power. This is why they are now making every effort to worship this cow wherever they are. For example, if they see cows, they have to bow down to them.

One thing that bothers is when cows come across your way and you are driving a car. Even if you want to go faster, you cannot because you cannot drive away comes on your way. So if cows are moving forward, the n you have to follow them slowly until they will go on their way. This is because they cannot kill or wound cows otherwise they will die. Many people everyday wish that they will not find a cow on their way or else they will be in trouble that they will not be able to reach their destination on time.

Indians also sacrificed food for cows as a sign of their worship to them. They worship a cow whether they give food or not. They must not touch cow because cows will become impure. There are many times when herds of cows raid a city so people could not pass by but they still revere them. An herd of cow may come in two kinds of blessing, whether you will be blessed more or be blessed less.

What are the Different Religions in India

What are the different religion in India. Religion depends on which god they serve. India is a Bhuddist country and we know that it is where it originated.  Buddha came to fame after a long period of time. Of course since this is the dominant religion and this is what people knew, Indians tend to be Buddhist even though they are not really accepting it by heart. Some would come to convert to other religion since they do not want the religion.

Islam is also found in India. Muslim people come to cover their faces following their teachings. No matter how they want to change their clothes, they do not do it due to the respect of the religion. Animism is one of the Indian beliefs that is very common in the country. Because of these, they have so many gods. They believe cow as sacred ones so they do not hit cows nor push them to move out of your way. If you are going to shoo them, you will be punished.

Christianity is one of the dominant religion in India. In the past, Christians were persecuted a lot but now, they are increasing exponentially, which in one of the most amazing occurrence in the country. Hinduism is also dominant in the country. Like Buddhism, Hinduism has also its principle that people have to practice since they have pledged to be Hindus. Many Hindu have converted to Christianity which is why the population of Christianity is increasing rapidly.

The 5 things you can only find in the city of Mumbai

Places on the earth are also different from each other as people are different from one another. In the place of the city of Mumbai that is famous as the capital city of India and that it is well known. This city has also things that could only be found here. There are many things that people do and they invent it that people also follow like the one they do in Paris. They have locks that symbolize the strong love between those who put it there.

In the city of Mumbai, they also have their own style and ways and one of them as the number one in the infographic is that in Mumbai they show their affection by canoodling. That is unique in the city of Mumbai. the next one as we have five things is that the kind of breakfast they have. Even if they have that kind of meal many times they do not get bored with it. You can now read the third reason of Mumbai being unique.  

The other things that are unique in Mumbai are the presence of vintage cars that are being used and many have many decorations in it. Another one is that they have the double bus in Mumbai. Other things written here as only in Mumbai may be found the same in other places and that they would seem very common that is why you need to be able to open your heart and mind.


The 9 interesting and educational facts about India

The country of India is already known because of the number of its population that is considered as the second in the whole world. This country has many citizens that are very diverse from each other. This country is a place that has many interesting facts that you should be able to know if you are planning to travel or if you will suddenly need it. India is also well known because of the Bollywood that entertainers work together. They have their own set of values and style.

You can see that in accordance to geography the country is the seventh in the ranking of the largest countries around the world. In this very populous country, there are a total of twenty-two languages that are recognized officially as a method of conversation and other writings. You can see some of the lists in the box beside where it is written in the 22 languages. When it comes to the whole country the official one is the language of Hindi.

One more fact is that when they will have a business they use the international language that is English. You can also see that there are more males than females in the country. A large number of people present are the ones who are in the age of 15-64. You can read all the facts that are in the infographic so you could get an overview of what is the country of India all about.

The 4 main reasons why the need of food in India is still a problem

Food is a necessity and everywhere you will go you need to have some food to eat. Food is one of the very basic need of people. If you will not eat then you will die. Poverty is around the world and many in numbers suffer from it. There are many ways that are being suggested so that it could decrease in number but there are many hindrances and so it is not a solved case around the world. Let us see the situation of India.

In the infographic is about the situation in the country of India. as it is the second in the world to have the highest population there are many problems that also arise here. One of it is the problem and concern of poverty. Then what made India be one that has a problem with lacking food? It is because also of the temperature there. When they will transport a load of food it is being destroyed on the road because of lacking proper storage.

It is not just about the storage but the roads are not good and so it takes time to transport food. That is why it is written that about forty percent of the food supply that the country is being lost and damaged during transportation. Then the result would be lack of supply. If supply is lacking what would be the food that people can get? The government even give less support to the agriculture industry based on the budget allocated.