Andhra Pradesh: Culture and Lifestyle

Have you ever experienced the culture and lifestyle in India? India is so amazing when it comes to their lifestyle. Their dressing is so unique among the dressing style of so many women in the world. Actually, many people of the world have already let go of their traditional clothing. Single status women women are wearing a dress that can show their waist. However, married women do not show their waist. This is one of the most unique style of dressing because you can immediately distinguish who is single from not.

In regard to their language, they have the most different head gesture of saying yes or no. Around the world, people nod when they agree or say ‘yes’ and they shake their head when they say ‘no’. However, in India is the other way around. Shake head for yes and nod head for no. This is one of the confusing gesture when you are in India.

People when they eat use their hands whether the dish is watery nor dry. Some who go there would be shocked when they see the locals washing their hands by their food they are eating. Nevertheless, for Indians that is how they eat their meals deliciously. It is not so much to say that they have their own unique culture.

Their food when they cook is filled with oil. They also put oil in rice when they are cooking. This is because their food tastes when they put oil int the food they are cooking. For them it is very good when oil is floating on top of the dish they are cooking.