Experience in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh gives an amazing experience in India. Pradesh is one of the most magnificent town in India. An enormous dazzling town attracts the world’s attention with its breath-taking views and creates the feeling of longing for a better country. The reason why this state is filled with many people is that many people like to visit all the beautiful towns in the state.

India is actually a city where water is very different from another country. India offers an unpleasant drinking water. Except that, India is surely a wonderful place to visit. Indian cultures can be speculated as exotic since there lifestyle is different from among peoples of the world. Beautiful people in India are different in perspective. An Indian have a feature of an American feature except that they are dark skinned. For example, they have big eyes and pointed nose.

Communicating with Indians might be a little tough because they have more than 100 languages and each person speaks his own dialect and they do not understand English. People in the city can but those who are living far away from the center could not understand English. In Andhra Pradesh, people can understand English since it is one of the center of learning in India. Once of the shocking things in India is that they have many gods such as cow, stones,etc.You might wonder why they worship many gods. They believe that there are so many sacred creatures on this earth. Experience in Pradesh is one of the most wonderful memory especially when talking about their culture.